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Eye and Vision Exams

The Comprehensive Eye Examination

At Rib Mountain Eye Care, our goal is to provide you with the best quality of vision now while also protecting your eye health to preserve your vision long-term. To do this, we encourage full examinations one time a year or sooner if vision changes are noted. Eye exams can provide incredible insight into your vision quality and even help prevent eye disease.

Eye Exam

What happens During an Eye Exam?

When you come in for an eye exam, we’ll work with you closely to gather information about your medical history. We’ll also talk to you about any symptoms you’ve had, such as changes in your ability to see distances or blurry vision. Then, we’ll conduct the eye exam. There are two components of your eye exam.

Vision Quality: Your vision acuity, or quality, is the first step. Here, we’ll ask you to read letters on a chart to determine the quality of your vision. We will place a variety of lenses in front of your eyes to test the ways we may be able to improve your vision.

If you need prescription glasses, we’ll recommend this now. We’ll provide you with a prescription you can use to pick out lenses and frames.

Eye Health: It’s important for us to be sure your eyes are healthy. To do that, we must look at the structure of your eyes. We use a variety of machines and non-invasive tools to gather an inside view of the eye structure. The process allows us to detect conditions such as glaucoma or macular degeneration.

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