Glasses and Contact Lenses

Glasses and Contact Lenses

Glasses and Contact Lenses

Glasses and Contact Lenses

"Quality" is the key concept we use to decide what to offer our patients. We care about the details - how scratch resistant are the lenses, how strong are the hinges, how rich and unique are the frame colors, where were the products made, which contact lenses are the most comfortable, etc. Knowing all the details allows us to give you a better product. We do the research, you receive the benefit!

We are not obligated to any given supplier and we are willing to evolve over time. We have worked in a variety of other eye care practices before becoming a part of Rib Mountain Eye Care. We have watched for years what actually works for people. We will work together so that our experience pays off for you!

We are also not interested in selling basic, mass-produced frames that only seem to vary in logo. Such products have a short life span and usually look boring. We also don't want you in a contact lens that has a low price but is hurting your eyes in the long run. You deserve better than that.


Some people love to pick out new frames, others find it a bit overwhelming. Let us guide you through the frame selection process so that you get a great looking, comfortable frame that also fits your individual prescription needs. We have a wide selection yet we know how to quickly narrow down the best selections for you based on your face shape and complexion. We will do our best to get your glasses right. If there are any problems after you have worn your new glasses, you can take advantage of your 60-Day Satisfaction Guarantee. We will refit, remake, or change what you need so that your vision correction works for you!


While your prescription to correct your vision is unique, certain elements of lens selection are common to all. No one likes lenses that are heavy, thick, full of reflections, or that scratch easy. Let us guide you through the options to avoid these common concerns. We also want to appropriately align your vision with the lenses and make the final product cosmetically appealing. Again, you do not need to worry about lenses - we back them with Scratch Warranties and our 60-Day Satisfaction Guarantee. If you try them and do not like them, we will figure out something that does work.


Who doesn't want a great pair of sunglasses? They can improve your visual performance, protect your eyes from ultraviolet light, and help you look good and feel more confident. We can provide you with the look you want. Our sunglasses range from stylish and on-trend, to the bold and athletic, to the discrete and easy-to-wear.

​​​​​​​Contact Lenses

Contact Lenses are great for active people and those who are not interested in wearing glasses as their primary vision correction. This is a product we have helped many people wear successfully. You let us know what you need as far as vision and wear time and we will do our best to meet your needs. We prescribe single use lenses, reusable lenses, multifocal (bifocal) lenses, soft lenses, rigid lenses, hybrid lenses, etc. The goal is always to deliver clear AND comfortable vision.

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