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Rib Mountain Eye Care in Wausau, WI is a private optometry practice that provides individualized recommendations for vision correction and ocular health. We have years of experience observing what works with glasses, contact lenses, and ocular health management. We are a one doctor, independent practice that prides itself on high quality products and great service. We like what we do and enjoy going to work each day.

Rib Mountain Eye Care in Wausau, WI is what we do and we enjoy going to work each day.

We want to offer our patients and customers eyewear they are excited about! We believe you will benefit from superior quality and well-designed eyewear because you will be more comfortable and more confident. Many of our customers use glasses all day and want something they feel (and look) good wearing. We offer a carefully selected collection of frames that are handmade in the US and Europe. You can see and feel the quality. Once you pick a great frame, we will help you select lenses so you can actually see your best! We have options in terms of price and we are consistently bringing in new frames. Come to Rib Mountain Eye Care for an upgraded, professional experience.

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Our doctors are leaders in eye care offering optical services that provide the best eye care solutions to all our patients.​​​​​​​

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We are a primary eye care provider where excellent and comprehensive services are carefully provided to meet the patient's visual needs.

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